A New Look At Influence and Innovation

November 27, 2012 — by Tim McDonald0



A New Look At Influence and Innovation

November 27, 2012 — by Tim McDonald0

When we started the community manager hangout, it was before Google+ offered Hangouts On Air. We saw it as a way to push the boundaries and allow community managers a chance to explore uncharted territories. When I started looking the areas that weren’t being addressed in community management, I started looking at neuromarketing, habitual behavior  and anthropology.  I’m not alone. Other community managers have expressed a desire for this type of information too. So it’s with great excitement that a man who was finishing a meeting with his anthropologist when I first spoke to him, Jure Klepic, joins us to talk about “A New Look At Influence And Innovation.” In addition, we’ll have to ask Jure why he’s talking to anthropologists!

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As marketer behind successful brands like Givenchy, YSL, Chanel, Lancaster, Jure looks at products differently to boldly crystallize marketing strategies that strongly resonate with consumers. 

He believes that social media is one of the fastest society-changing phenomenon seen in our lifetime. Through this website and his work, Jure hope to “poke” marketing planners into taking a new look at influence and innovation so they can use social media to get results.

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My Community Manager has been hosting the Community Manager Hangout on Google+ since January 24, 2012. We’ve never been afraid to push the envelope and try new things. We did it with the Community Manager UNconfernce, we did it with embracing all types of community managers, and we do it every Friday by combining a Google Hangout with a Twitter Chat!

“A New Look At Influence And Innovation”


Q1. What is an anthropologist and why are they important to community managers?
Q2. As businesses have the opportunity to become more personal with their customers, what role will the community manager play?
Q3. How community managers can continue to innovate, or have we even started?
Q4. How can you tell the difference between influence and popularity and is one more important than the other?

Community Manager Hangout on Friday will ask questions and foster a conversation on Twitter while Tim McDonald, founder of My Community Manager, will ask special guest Jure Klepic and other community managers on Google+ will engage and respond. It’s our core mission to include as many people as we can while being a resource for community managers, those wanting to become community managers and companies hiring community managers. How does it work? Jonathan Brewer will assist with the Google+ Hangout and Sherrie Rohde will host the Twitter chat using the hashtag #cmgrhangout. This week, we are looking for community managers or those looking to become community managers. Leave us a comment below or find us on G+ and tell us. We’ll invite you on air for the hangout. You must have a Google+ account and be able to use a webcam. Interested in being part of the hangout? Join us on G+, Watch right here (starting at 2pm ET) or follow #cmgrhangout on Twitter.

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