Bridging the Gap: Hangout meets Twitter

May 15, 2012 — by Tim McDonald8



Bridging the Gap: Hangout meets Twitter

May 15, 2012 — by Tim McDonald8

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My Community Manager has been hosting the Community Manager Hangout on Google+ since January 24, 2012. While many people said “good luck with that” we’ve never been afraid to push the envelope and try new things. We did it with the Community Manager UNconfernce, we did it with embracing all types of community managers, and we are doing it again this Friday!

Our Community Manager Hangout on Friday will field questions and foster a conversation on Twitter while our panel of community managers on Google+ will answer and respond. Seem chaotic? It may be. Are we nervous? Never. It’s core to our mission of including as many people as we can and being a resource for community managers, those wanting to become community managers and companies needing community managers.

How will it work? Tim McDonald, founder of My Community Manager, will moderate the panel of community managers on the Google+ Hangout by scanning Twitter and following the hashtag #cmgrhangout. If you have a question, you can post it on Twitter starting 30 minutes before the hangout begins at 2pm EDT on Friday and continue the conversation until it ends at 3pm EDT.

This week, we will have a selection of community managers from different fields and types of organizations to allow a broad range of opinions and experiences to be shared.

What do you think? Have you seen anyone else try a hangout and Twitter chat at the same time? We’d love to get some tips from them if they have!

Interested in being part of the panel?

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Panel will consist of:

Brandie McCallum, Community Manager at Sensei and Internet Media Labs

Suzanne Marlatt, Community Manager at Edelman Digital

Rosemary O’Neill, CEO/Community Manager at Social Strata, Inc.

Ryan Olsen, Community Manager at Toy Studio Games

Lesley Lykins, Community Manager at Customer Experience Professionals Association

Courtney Seiter, Community Manager at Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Want to help monitor the #cmgrhangout on Twitter with us? Leave a comment below and we’ll get in touch with you. Think we’re crazy? You can tell us that too!

Tim McDonald

None of us are alone. That is Tim’s mission in life. To let everyone know they are not alone. It’s why helping others doing social good is his purpose.

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  • JoshuaFrank

    One suggestion: have someone assisting Tim who can be scanning the Twitter stream and pulling questions/comments for Tim so that he can focus on moderating the Hangout instead of trying to juggle two conversations at once.

    •  @JoshuaFrank Looking for that fine sir. Was that you volunteering? 😉 

      • JoshuaFrank

         @tamcdonald Unfortunately I’m booked Friday afternoon, but definitely open to it another time. Feel free to ask!

        •  @JoshuaFrank We have them every Friday Josh. Look forward to hopefully seeing you next week. 

  • I’m available to help monitor #cmgrhangout on Friday. I’m also a CM at a startup, I noticed you were looking for one. 🙂

    •  @sherrierohde Thank you. That’s great! Would you mind sending me an email to tim at mycmgr dot com. 

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