#CMGRHangout presents: Community Resources & Education (Preview)

September 17, 2015 — by Sherrie Rohde0



#CMGRHangout presents: Community Resources & Education (Preview)

September 17, 2015 — by Sherrie Rohde0

Last week we discussed Tools of the Trade and collected quite the variety of community related tools to check out. This week we’re continuing the back to school trend by looking at what’s out there in the form of resources and education for community builders. Lifelong learning is crucial to your role, if we didn’t believe that—we wouldn’t keep hosting this hangout!

Let us know if you want to join us on air, otherwise we’ll see you on Twitter!

Join us for this week’s #CMGRHangout panel on Friday, September 18th at 2pm EDT/11am PDT to talk resources & education for community builders.

Dom Garrett and Sherrie Rohde will be hosting the hangout with Jenn ChenLindsey Erlick and Eric Herberholz as panelists. Carrie Keenan and Christin Kardos will be moderating the Twitter chat using #CMGRHangout.


Jenn ChenJenn Chen
Community Manager at Lithium Technologies

Jenn recently joined Lithium Technologies as the new Community Manager, where she gets to connect and work with community managers every day. She loves food and caffeine, as established in past CMGRHangouts. Claim to fame: she once ate 26 extra large slice of pizza in one sitting.

Connect with Jenn on Twitter at @jenntothechen or on Google+.

Lindsey ErlickLindsey Erlick
Marketing Manager at Pearson

Lindsey is a connector and lifelong learner. Lindsey is the Marketing Manager working with educator and student communities at Pearson. For fun, you can find her organizing the CMX NYC community manager series or posting gluten-free finds on instagram @GlutenFreeTraveler.

Connect with Lindsey on Twitter at @linze_e or on Google+.

Eric HerberholzEric Herberholz
Online Community Manager and Social Media Strategist at CLSWest and Self-Employed

Eric was raised by nationally renowned visual art educators, schooled in the Art and Science of Computer Science at UC Berkeley, supported fighter-aircraft radar manufacturing at Radar Systems Group at Hughes Aircraft Company, coded and administered Satellite UNIX-based test systems for Space & Communication at Hughes Aircraft Company, started as a defense contractor’s first UNIX System Admin and went onto become a lead on a global private WAN. Coached customers for over 10 years at Hewlett Packard, troubleshooting and providing technical solutions to North American HP-UX System Administrators. He was also a member of global community of Knowledge Management (km) folk at Hewlett Packard.

Connect with Eric on Twitter at @erich13 or on Google+.

Discussion Questions

  1. Who do you look to as a role model or key person to follow in the community space?
  2. What are some of your favorite books relevant to community building?
  3. Which blogs do you turn to in order to fine tune your community skills?
  4. Which podcasts do you find valuable as a community builder?
  5. Have you ever been certified? By who? Was it worth it?
  6. Have you ever taken a community course? Which one? What made it valuable?
  7. Have you ever found value in a member organization? Which one?
  8. Which conferences do you find valuable as a community builder?
  9. Did we miss anything else? Give it a shout!

RSVP & Watch the Hangout

Want to RSVP for the Hangout? Visit #CMGRHangout presents: Community Resources & Education and let us know you’re going to watch. This will add the event to your calendar and remind you to attend! If you want to be on air, please let us know in advance by commenting on the event page. Let’s discuss ways you can attend:

  • Watch: You do NOT need to join the hangout. Just stay on the Google+ Event and you’ll see the video on YouTube. (Don’t worry, it will be there and start playing as soon as the broadcast begins.)
  • Talk and Be Seen: If you decide you want to talk, not just watch, please let us know in advance. (We will only invite a few people for this event, so let us know why you would like to attend.)
  • Chat: You can chat here and/or follow the conversation on Twitter using #CMGRHangout.

Any questions? Just let us know in advance. Please don’t wait until 2pm EST to ask questions.

If you join us on the hangout, a wired internet connection is preferred and if you have a headset with mic or earbuds, that works best for the audio. You will also need a working webcam.

Not sure what time this is for your location? Use

Sherrie Rohde

Community Manager at Magento
As the Community Manager for Magento, Sherrie connects people with resources and with each other, and, since she’s just a bit passionate about the topic, she also co-produces a monthly broadcast for community professionals called #CMGRHangout. An ENFP, Sherrie is obsessed with innovation, terrified of status quo, and motivated by adventure. Reach out on Twitter at @sherrierohde. 