What is #CMGRHangout?

#CMGRHangout is a weekly G+ Hangout accompanied by a twitter chat. Each week the My Community Manager team hosts a guest speaker and invites anyone to participate in the discussion.


When is #CMGRHangout?

#CMGRHangout takes place from 2pm-3pm EST every Friday.


How do I join #CMGRHangout?

Circle My Community Manager on Google+ and watch for your event invitation! To join in via twitter you can follow us at @myCMGR.


#CMGRHangout on YouTube

#CMGRHangout on Twitter


#CMGRHangout on our Blog


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  2. […] “Talk to people. Get to know other community managers and people that work in digital. You need to have a like minded community to bounce things off of and talk about tips and tricks in community management. Follow hashtags on Twitter to get to know others in the field.(#cmgr #CMGRHangout #CMGRProblems). Super extra shameless promotion links: #CMGRHangout (LIVE Google Hangout and Twitter chat Fridays 1pm CST http://mycmgr.com/cmgrhangout/).” […]

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