Community Manager Appreciation Day 12 Hour #cmgrhangout #CMAD

January 23, 2013 — by Tim McDonald5

Community Manager Appreciation Day Hangout
We’ve been working long and hard since this idea hatched about 11 days ago. We’re fortunate to be partnering with the HootSuite community team and have amassed so many amazing community minded folks from around the world to join us for 12 hours of Google Hangouts on Monday, January 28, Community Manager Appreciation Day!

Each hour will feature a topic and invited guests only. Everyone is invited to watch and tweet along with us all day! Just use the #CMAD and #cmgrhangout hashtags.

CMAD Around The World

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A look at community management from around the world, how the role of a community manager differs and what celebrations are happening or have happened.

  1. “ichi” – Hiroyasu Ichikawa (Japan) @socialcompany
  2. Ileana Rossello, HootSuite (Italy) @Lana_ES
  3. Jose Albis, (Colombia, Canada) @josealbis
  4. Nico Ibieta, PuntoCero (Chile) @nicoibieta
  5. Jean-Yves Lemesle, Doctissimo (France) @jyv
  6. Kimberly McCabe, Sitecore (England) @kimberlymccabe
  7. Fred Felton, FalconCove (South Africa) @fredfelton

Forums and Moderation

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Community Management can encompass many skill sets. Managing forums and moderation comes with unique challenges and issues. Hear from some of the leaders in this space on how they have successfully navigated these.

  1. Patrick O’Keefe, iFroggy Network @ifroggy
  2. Tia Fisher, eModeration @emoderation
  3. Blaise Grimes-Viort, eModeration  @blaisegv
  4. Ashley Cooksley, eModeration  @emodashley
  5. Wendy Christie, eModeration  @emodwendy

Marketing & Advertising Agencies

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Working for clients means each community you manage may have different goals and certainly communities. What analytics and measurements are important. Who does the community manager report to in their organization. Join community managers from Edelman Digital and R/GA to learn from them.

  1. Suzanne Marlatt, Edelman Digital @applegirl
  2. Nick Lucido, Edelman Digital @nicklucido
  3. Katy McGarr, Edelman Digital @kateymcgarr
  4. Jonha Revesencio, Leo Burnett (IKEA) @jonharules
  5. Tina Yip, R/GA @tina_yip
  6. Katie Felten, Community Builder at Translator @KatieFelten
  7. Cynthia Thomas, Co-Founder and Oracle of UX at Translator @deziner
  8. Brandon Hill, Co-Founder at BTC Revolutions @speaktothegeek

The Various Communities Of Google

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Chances are you’ve used a Google product. It may be GMail, Google Voice, search, AdWords, Android, Calendar, Google+, Google Hangouts, YouTube… How do managing these communities differ within an organization and how do they work together.

  1. Amy Korin, Midwest Regional Community Manager Lead, Google+ Local @GoogleLocalCHI
  2. Van Riper, Google Developers @vanriper
  3. Amy Higgins, Google+ Local SF  @amywhiggins

The Social Media Higher Education Landscape

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Of course you cherish your college days. Nothing says community quite like the bond between you and your alma mater. Learn communities role higher education from recruiting to curriculum.

  1. Kelly Lux, Syracuse University iSchool  @KellyLux
  2. Autumn Reynolds, Kellogg School of Management @AutumnMcRey
  3. Cara Rousseau, Duke University @cararousseau
  4. Ma’ayan Plaut, Oberlin College  @plautmaayan
  5. Taylor Loren, HootSuite University  @taylohoots
  6. Michael Blonde, Business Development Manager, HSU  @michaelblonde
  7. Howard Greenstein, New York University @howardgr

Social Business with The Community Roundtable

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The Community Roundtable brings together leaders in the digital space to discuss the emerging role of the community manager and how the position is being best utilized to create measurable business results.

  1. Leanne Chase, The Community Roundtable @LeanneCLC / @TheCR
  2. Rachel Happe, The Community Roundtable @RHappe
  3. Hillary Boucher, The CR @HillaryBoucher
  4. Cindy Meltzer, Social Media Consultant @cindymeltz
  5. Chris Catania, Walgreens @chriscatania
  6. Caty Kobe, GetSatisfaction @catykobe
  7. Ashley Brookes, HootSuite Enterprise @ashjbee
  8. Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group @jowyang

Content Curation

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Content is often at the forefront of the community managers responsibilities. We invite some of the most innovative and respected names in content to discuss tips and best practices for curating content.

  1. Nick Kellett,  @nickkellett
  2. Guillaume Decugis, @gdecugis
  3. Ally Greer, @allygreer
  4. Julianna Payson, InMotion Hosting  @JulianaPayson
  5. June Macon, Mack Web Solutions @JuneMaconSocial
  6. Jewel Fryer, Social Media Farm @jewelfry

Internal Communities with Yammer

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Yammer is a leading name when it comes to internal private communities in enterprise business. Join Maria Ogneva at Yammer as she talks with the people who run internal communities at various organizations. If you are interested in internal, private communities or enterprise community management, you won’t want to miss this!

  1. Maria Ogneva, Yammer @themaria
  2. Ashley Gross, Rural Sourcing, Inc. @ashleygross
  3. Dawn Gartin, Manhattan Associates @dawngartin
  4. Katy Stevens, Yammer @katyste
  5. Steve Nguyen, Yammer @espnguyen
  6. Matt Jensen, Yammer @mjensen
  7. Bryony Cole, Yammer @bryonycole
  8. Matt Ontell, Yammer @mattontell

How To Build Community Within Different Departments

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Silos. Is the community manager the answer to bringing them down, or is it more realistic to understand how to navigate within them? Some of the best at navigating the silos will share their secrets on how to use the power of community across your company.

  1. Kemp Edmonds, Enterprise at HootSuite @kempedmonds
  2. Kristine Naldoza, HR at HootSuite @KNaldoza
  3. Sabrina Lavin, HR at Hoot Suite
  4. Allie Russell, HSU/Marketing at HootSuite @allierus
  5. Sarah Chambers, Support at HootSuite @sarahleeyoga
  6. Kristina Cisnero, Social Media Coach at HootSuite @K_Cisnero
  7. Vicky Trong,  Social Media Coach
  8. Jenn Emerson, Community Manager at Telligent @JennTelligent
  9. Amy Muller, Co-founder & Director of Community Education at GetSatisfaction @AmyGSFN
  10. Rosemary O’Neill, Co-founder & President of Social Strata @rhogroupee

Where Social Meets Media

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Managing communities within a media publication presents a unique challenge – somewhat different from those of your traditional community management team. Publications deal with tons of traffic, and thus have to continuously moderate ‘fires,’ comments, among other things. Learn from some of the industries brightest community managers.

  1. Meg Peters, Mashable @petersmeg
  2. Mike Fraietta, Formerly Newscorp  @mikefraietta
  3. Annemarie Dooling, The Huffington Post  @travelinganna

Hospitality and Entertainment

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  1. Max Crowley, Community Manager at Uber Technologies @maxjcrowley
  2. Jon Morter, Big Other @jonmorter
  3. Kyle Harty, Visit Philly @kyleharty
  4. Caroline Bean, Visit Philly @visitphilly
  5. Trish Fontanilla, Community Manager at Vsnap @trishofthetrade

Social Media For Social Good

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  1. Carter Gibson, LittleBigFund @CarterGee
  2. Lea Marino, Memorial Sloan-Kettering / Cycle for Survival @LvM
  3. Ambrosia Humphrey, SingitFwd @hambrody
  4. Amanda Hite, BTC Revolutions (No Kid Hungry) @sexythinker 
  5. Harrison Kratz, Operation: Social Santa @kratzpr
  6. Nicole Rohr, WYCC PBS Chicago @rohrrr

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