Community Manager Appreciation Day #CMAD

January 6, 2013 — by Tim McDonald1

Community Manager Appreciation Day

This month we will be celebrating the 4th annual Community Manager Appreciation Day. Recently, we had a chance to hangout with Jeremiah Owyang, who created the day to discuss what Community Manager Appreciation Day is, how it should be celebrated and much more!

Did you know…

  • Community Manager Appreciation Day is on a Monday because even though community managers may work 7 days a week, many other business people are Monday – Friday. 
  • Community Manager Appreciation Day is in January since many companies are still in the planning stages for the  year.
  • Community Managers deserve appreciation for being on the front lines, balancing the needs of customers, dealing with the company and leading the discussion of social. 

Watch our discussion with Jeremiah Owyang, credited with initiating Community Manager Appreciation Day by Wikipedia.

What will you being doing to celebrate community manager appreciation day? On Monday, January 28, we’ll be hosting a special community manager hangout (#cmgrhangout) on Google+ to welcome community managers and anyone who employees or works with a community manager to stop by and say thank you, share a story or just make an appearance to show support for all community managers. What to be part of it? Add your name to our list by including your Google Plus profile.

Have a blog post or event to share? Add it to our list of Community Manager Appreciation Day links and leave a comment on Jeremiah’s Web-Strategist website.

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