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Community Manager Hangout with Jenny Weigle

This week, Jenny Weigel from Career Builder, will be hosting our Community Manager Hangout on Google+. Jenny’s been with us for every Community Manager Google Hangout we’ve had and is full of great information. She even came up with the topic: This Week’s News in Social Media and Tech. One thing about this business is: everything is constantly changing. That always gives community managers something to talk about! What happened this week? For starters, it’s been reported that brand pages on Facebook will begin using Timeline before the end of the month. How will this impact how you engage with your community? Will this make it easier to build engagement? That in itself could take an entire hour!

What else have you read about happening this week? What other changes have you seen? Google+ has a slightly different feel and also is changing the circle experience. See what we mean? Never a shortage of topics to talk about and Jenny has promised to keep the conversation going if your at a loss for ideas! How do you participate? Head over to the My Community Manager Google+ Page at 1pm CST on Friday and join the hangout. If you’ve never been on a Google Hangout before, you’ll need a web cam, and we STRONGLY suggest headphones and a mic. Click to join the hangout, check to your settings and confirm and that’s it! You’re in! Jenny’s a pro at these, so if you have any questions once you join, just ask her.

If you ever miss a hangout, we are posting a recap of the conversation. At least until Google allows us to save a copy on YouTube!

Can’t make it, but have a question you want answered? Have an idea for a future hangout? Leave a comment below! See you Friday at 1pm!

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