Community Manager Hangout: Blogs and Pinterest

March 16, 2012 — by Megan Larsen10



Community Manager Hangout: Blogs and Pinterest

March 16, 2012 — by Megan Larsen10

Google+ Hangout:

    • Introductions
    • Definitions
    • Resources
    • Pinterest


Deborah Ng: Director of Community at BlogWorld & New Media Expo; Author of  ‘Online Community Management for Dummies.’ @debng

Andrea Bredow: Community Manager at HealthFitness in Minneapolis. @AndreaBredow

Larry Jennings: Implementation Specialist looking to become a community manager. @larboz

Maddie Ruud: Community Manager for; As of tomorrow, Maddie has been HubPages Community Manager for 4 years! Send her a quick ‘congrats.’ @MaddieRuud

Matt Janey: Program Evaluation Coordinator, communicating via G+ and other social media channels.

Steffen Slacki: From Germany, Steffen wants to become a community manager in the Gaming Industry.

Michael Hahn: Former Community Owner. @mbhahn

Tim McDonald: Founder of My Community Manager. @tamcdonald

Megan Larsen: Community Manager at My Community Manager. @meganlarsen4

Defining the Role of a Community Manager is Not Easy:

What we can do in the meantime: Contribute to defining what that role is through promotion and education of various community manager roles. Examples of sites we see doing a great job at educating and defining the role of community managers:

  • The Community Manager: @TheCMgr
  • The Community Roundtable: @TheCR
  • #cmgrchat: Wednesday at 2:00 Eastern Time. Kelly Lux (@KellyLux) and Jenn Pedde (@JPedde) run this!

Other Popular Blogs for Community Managers:

Pinterest For Your Community: Is your community here?

  • Brand Page: This is your starting point.
  • Share Community Stuff: Articles, news releases, event pictures, etc.
  • Company Blog Posts: Increase traffic to company site.
  • Source Content: Take extra step and credit original author in your ‘description.’
  • Have you heard of Gentlemint? It’s the male version of Pinterest…


Feel free to add anything we’ve missed in comments below. Please vote for next week’s discussion topic while you’re at it! Two suggested topics include: ‘Cross-posting’ and ‘Copyright and Blogging.’ Thank you!

Megan Larsen

I'm passionate about meeting and engaging with aspiring professionals and professionals alike in areas of startups, technology, online community management, and anything new media marketing/communications. I think we all have something to share and learn from one another.
  • debng

    Fun chat today, thanks for hosting! I look forward to attending as often as my schedule permits.

    • MaddieRuud

       @debng Great to finally “meet” you after seeing you all over the web. 🙂

  • MaddieRuud

    Always fun, always informative. Thanks mycmgr !

    •  @MaddieRuud  mycmgr You keep coming back for more – adding insights to our weekly hangouts that would otherwise be absent 🙂 You rock Maddie!

  • Thanks everyone for hanging…out… Anyways! Was a fun time. I really enjoy hearing the different aspects and opinions that come up every week. 

    •  @larboz ‘Hanging…out…’ or ‘Hangouter’ – You were present in our chat room – and a contributor either way! 🙂 Thank you Larry! 

  • Happy to just be “Tim” again, instead of My Community Manager on the hangout. Thanks everyone for joining! Great to have debng and andreabredow join us for the first time. And always great to see people return. Thanks for summarizing meganlarsen4 

  • annievazquez

    Hi, I was wondering when is your next CM hangout?  Thanks, A:) @debng  

    •  @annievazquez  @debng Hi Annie, @mycmgr runs a G+ Hangout Every Friday at 1PM CST! Hope to see you there! Here is the link to MyCmgr  on G+ if you need it:

  • PinterestingHQ

    Bonjour, notre entreprise fait du community management sur Pinterest. Voici le lien :