Community Manager Hangout: Team (Summary)

April 21, 2012 — by Tim McDonald0

The Community Manager Hangout this week was “Managing Community as Part of a Team”. We welcomed Trish Forant, aka @dayngr,  as our special guest. Trish is a community manager for Radian6 and we talked about what working as a community manager on a team is really like. These were the questions we didcussed:

Topic: Managing Community as Part of a Team

  1. What does your community management team look like at Radian6?
  2. How is your editorial calendar filled? And who does it?
  3. How do you divide the duties on Twitter, blogging…other?
  4. What is the biggest challenge working as a community manager on a team?
  5. What are the biggest rewards of working as a community manager on a team?
  6. We know you write for the Radian6 blog, where do you get content ideas from?

With Eduardo Temes, Valerie Joy Deveza, Michael Hahn, Jonathan Brewer, Chris Geier and myself joining Trish on the Hangout, it was agreed by all the working, or collaborating with others has it benefits. Especially when it comes to managing a Twitter Chat! Having clearly defined duties, creating an editorial calendar and understanding how to deal with multiple personalities (something every community manager should be good at!) are all important components of managing communities as a team. A big part of the conversation revolved around getting fresh content. For many, it’s not having ideas, it’s capturing the ideas when you have them.

Asking your sales team what customers are asking or having issues with can make for great blog posts that you know members of your community will want to read and will also make your sales team happy!

There was plenty more discussed, so be sure to watch the video and don’t forget to join us next week!

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Next week we welcome Jen Sable Lopez, from SEOmoz as we discuss “The Importance of SEO to a Community Manager”.

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