Community Manager UNconference – Chicago

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Community Manager UNconference Chicago

It is with great excitement that we announce the first Community Manager UNconference to be held in Chicago on February 24, 2012! This has been a goal of My Community Manager since it began just a few months ago. In that time we have made great strides in sharing information about what it takes to become a community manager and built a great community of existing community managers. While all this has been done through the blog, Twitter, and Facebook, there is nothing like spending time in person with other community managers. Many conferences allow us to get together with varied social media professionals, but none with the sole focus on community management.

This is just not a conference. It is an UNconference. You may have heard this before, but rest assured there will be no power point presentations, no microphones or podiums and this will be a participant driven event. For more details on on what exactly an UNconference is, visit the event registration page. While UNconventional, the information learned and relationships formed at an UNconference are greater than any other type of conference.

The Community Manager UNconference is on Friday afternoon, so you can get work done in the morning, travel that morning or just grab breakfast with other community managers after spending the prior evening at Social Media Club Chicago’s “The Future of Community Management”. All registered attendees of Community Manager UNconference will get admission to the SMCChicago event on Thursday, February 23.

Immediately following the UNconference at 5pm on Friday, we will continue with a community manager happy hour (2 drinks included) at a location within walking distance to Google Chicago. That’s right we’re lucky enough to have Google share their Chicago office with us!

There is limited space at this event, so be sure to sign up today.

If you are looking for a place to stay or suggestions on a hotel, leave a note in the comments and others in the community will try to help you. Find our who’s coming, what they’re interested in learning about and create some excitement on Twitter or Google+ using #cmgrUN hashtag.

Is your company interested in sponsoring? We have several different options that give great exposure to a very focused community.


Tim McDonald

Director of Community at The Huffington Post
I build communities, not networks, through building individual relationships that create movements.

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