CMAD Around The World

On Air: 08:00 - 09:00 EST (GMT-5)
Monday, January 28th, 2013


How the role of a community manager differs internationally through different cultures from Japan to South Africa, and also,  what celebrations are happening globally.


Hiroyasu Ichikawa“ichi” – Hiroyasu Ichikawa

President, Social Media Consultant at SocialCompany, Inc. (Japan) @socialcompany

Ileana RosselloIleana Rossello

European Community Coordinator at HootSuite (Italy) @Lana_ES


Jose AlbisJose Albis

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder at Tictalking (British Colombia, Canada) @josealbis


Nicolas Ibieta IllanesNico Ibieta

Partner and General Manager at PuntoCero (Chile) @nicoibieta


Jean-Yves LemesleJean-Yves Lemesle

Community Manager at Doctissimo (France) @jyv


Kimberly McCabeKimberly McCabe

Community Manager at Sitecore (England) @kimberlymccabe


Fred FeltonFred Felton

Digital & Social Media Strategist & Trainer at Falconscove (South Africa) @fredfelton


Discussion Questions

  1. What’s the current state of community management in your region?
  2. What are the most crucial cultural differences which Community Managers face.
  3. Does socio-economic status and market development play a role in community building?
  4. Does the term ‘community management’ translate to your language?
  5. Does this job exist in all digital cultures around the world?