Community Manager unConference: Chicago 2012

#CMGR unConference
Gather in Chicago for this unique “UN” conference specifically designed for community managers from all types of companies and skill levels, including students and others interested in becoming community managers.

Pre Event: Social Media Club Chicago “Community Management” Thursday, February 23, 5:30-8pm cst (drinks, food and program)

Main Event:  Community Manager UNconference – Friday, February 24, 12:30pm-5pm cst (snacks, drinks)

Post Event:  cmgrUN Happy Hour – Friday, February 24, 5pm-7pm cst (2 drinks included)


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Location Host

Google Chicago
20 W. Kenzie St.
Chicago, IL 60610


What is an unconference?

An unconference is a participant-driven meeting.

CMGR UN conference is an unconference for community managers. What that means- the event is not structured like a typical planned conference. Every session is not planned out in advance. Nobody is paid to deliver a session. Anybody can deliver a session and attendees are strongly encouraged to participate.

How does that happen?

When you arrive at the event, you will have the opportunity to put your name in a slot to facilitate a session. We will have two sessions delivered in every time slot. After registration is over, a board will be put up that details each session and what room they are located in throughout the day. Want to get a head start and throw your session idea into the mix now? Submit your topic and vote on which ones you’d like to participate in!

If anyone can deliver a session, won’t some of the presentations be terrible?

Possibly, but it it not typical. Some of the best and brightest minds will attend this event. They lead sessions and they sit in on sessions. Communnity Manager UNconference sessions are group sessions. They are not meant to be presentations by a single individual. Because the audience participates, sessions that may start out a little rocky often adjust and get redirected by the participation and collaboration of the audience. Presentations promoting specific commercial products or companies are discouraged. If you feel like you’re being sold, or if a session is really bad and your participation can’t turn it around, practice the rule of two feet- get up and walk out.

That sounds like chaos. How is that productive?

It can be a little chaotic, but some of the best ideas and invention are derived out of chaos. If you go in looking for a very structured day, you will be disappointed. What you get out of Community Manager UNconference is what you put into it.

What topics are covered in the sessions?

This depends completely on who volunteers to lead a session. If you want to hear a specific session, facilitate it!

How do I maximize my Community Manager UNconference experience?

  1. Pick sessions of interest to you.
  2. Participate, ask questions.
  3. If you hear someone speak about something interesting, find them later and connect in the hallway.
  4. Spontaneous sessions happen- embrace them!

What if I don’t want to lead a session?

You don’t have to! Some people like to lead, other people like to listen, but don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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