How I became a Twitter Celebrity on Mike and Mike

September 7, 2012 — by Michael Hahn0

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How I Became a Twitter Celebrity on Mike and Mike

Preface: I am a huge fan of sports talk radio. I listen to the Mike and Mike in the Morning Show on ESPN 2 and national radio during the week. I enjoy how the personalities and opinions mesh with each other. They often invite guests from on the set and radio to discuss specific hot or important sports topics for that day. Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic host the show but Golic was on a trip to Ireland for the week. Mike Greenberg has been guest co-host of Live with Kelly with Kelly Ripa a few times this year.

The Story

It all began on Monday, August 27, 2012, Mike Greenberg came into work with a beard. The beard is probably a first for him on the show. His co-host on the show was Adam Scheftler. Many times during the show, Mike and Adam kept discussing the beard so it was made a hot topic for debate on the air waves. Mike Greenberg’s wife Stacy was also promoting the beard too on Twitter using hash tag #thebeard. Finally right before the last hour of the show, I created a twitter account for the beard @greenysbeard. I started tweeting funny things about the beard as it started to take off on twitter. The great people who work behind the scenes told Mike as they were entering in to program from the 9:30 AM break. He describes the reason for the beard too.

Listen to #TheBeard ESPN Greeny Story

Here is #theBeard

On Tuesday, I was not mentioned but the beard was as Adnan Virk was the co-host with Mike Greenberg for the day. I am not sure if I was taken seriously yet. I still tweeted through out the show making funny remarks when necessary.

On Wednesday, It was the day of gloom and doom as Mike Greenberg and Adnan Virk as both thought. He shaved the beard. I had to act unhappy so during the show as I was role playing the beard. I kept tweeting how devastated I was, tried to make amends and reconcile with Mike. During the 3rd hour of the show, Mike and Adnan decided to mention me for my hard work to my happiness. Every time I was mentioned a large influx of followers followed the account. My email blew up each time. It was amazing.

Listen to ESPN Greeny Shoutout

I was even more committed to continue the cause of the beard as I kept tweeting away. At the end of the show, Mike Greenberg mentioned me again. He basically apologized for ruining my fun and told me how much he enjoyed and appreciated my tweets.

Listen to ESPN Greeny Closing Remarks

The rest of the week on the show was sort of uneventful. With college football starting and guests lined up. It was hard for them to get a break where I could be mentioned again. No biggie! I am not the focus of the show. I just kept tweeting away as I am raising awareness for the beard and having a lot of fun too. I received many comments and replies throughout the show. However on Thursday, Mike asked Adnan what his nickname was. He said Captain Virk among many others. So I made a twitter account @CaptainAdVirk. Its been slowly tweeting unlike @Greenysbeard.

Over the weekend, I started conversing with the great comedian Frank Caliendo over my twitter accounts. He liked the concept. I also received an important tweet from @stacygsg who loved one of my many tweets. Stacy is the wife of Mike Greenberg. I think its kinda funny myself. My followers count spiked again.

Mike Greenberg had Mike Hill as the co-hosted on Labor Day. During the 3rd hour of the show, Damien Woody, who works for ESPN as an analyst plugged me with Mike Greenberg. Mike basically said he likes that I tweet, I am hilarious, and is happy to plug me when he can. I thought that was very cool. I started to think there was an embargo from TheGnome or another producer before that happened.

I did get a cool tweet from one of the coolest people who work behind the scenes.

On Tuesday, Golic is finally back from his journey to Ireland. He went there with his family for the Notre Dame vs Navy game and the Guinness. Mike and Mike had to finish up the NFL team to team analysis of the Giants and Patriots that day. No time for a mention or plugs. I also don’t want to be greedy or beg for mentions that was not my intention why I made the account.

Today,(Wednesday 9/5) was a very busy show with all the NFL predictions and guests lined up for the start of the football season tonight. I was not expecting a plug or a mention. However it happened, the funny comedian Frank Caliendo mentioned me during his 7am interview. He stopped Mike Greenberg during his interview to tell him to hold on, he just received a tweet from me. I found it very funny and amusing. I like Frank a lot. I am not sure if I tweeted him or not. I could have.

Listen to Frank Caliendo Compliment

So far I have been tweeting over two weeks on @Greenysbeard. I have amassed over 200 followers on the account that I started from scratch. I am looking for a social media and community management job. I continue to improve my strong background in social media. People who know me on my real twitter account @mbhahn can attest to my knowledge and expertise. I have been hosting and participating twitter chats and events for over a year now.

Next week I will be away from a computer and internet. The true test will be scheduling a few tweets to keep the account relevant. It is important to keep a connection open so you can continue to grow for fan base. It is also interesting to see how the account behaves in my absence. A mention is worth a huge increase of followers.

It is important not to tweet anything offensive. I will not tweet anything about politics, religion or family. Its off limits. In the end, the beard is just a twitter account that will live on as long I am watching or listening to the show. I do not want to them to get a restraining order against me. Grow #theBeard on Twitter @greenysbeard!

I would like to thank everyone mentioned in this article. I am very fortunate to be able to have fun and use social media to build an audience.

On a side note, I also run an account for the bar for the recently canceled TV show The Finder called The Ends of the Earth on twitter at @endsofearthbar. I have been tweeting on the account since the show started. I have a strong and passionate fan follower base. I keep it active by role playing lunch, dinner, and drink specials and happenings through out the week. I have had the chance to discuss and tweet to the writers of the show. With the recent loss of Michael Clarke Duncan the activity on the stream increased dramatically. It’s a sad day but the fans of the show want to keep the fantasy universe of Walter and Leo alive. You can find the Ends of the Earth at @endsofearthbar.

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