How My Dog Made Me A Community Manager

January 7, 2013 — by Rebecca Braglio7

Rebecca Braglio and Dash
After passing the bar exam in 1999, I became a public defender and practiced criminal defense for almost 12 years, with a focus on representing the mentally ill who were charged with serious felonies and violent crimes.  It was tough work, to say the least.  I quickly burned out and knew I needed a change.  But I had no idea what I would do.  I felt completely stuck and pigeon-holed.
Along the way, I got a dog named Dash.  He literally changed everything.  He has a behavioral problem called separation anxiety – when he is left along he barks continuously and completely melts down.  My neighbors weren’t too thrilled with me, so I started taking him with me when I would go out.  It turned out that Philadelphia was a very dog-friendly place – I thought dog owners should know about all of the dog-friendly businesses and events that were going on.
So, in 2009 I created a blog called  I started with just talking about the problems I was having with Dash and did reviews of the businesses I visited.  I also started doing event promotion for the local charity/rescue fundraisers to help spread the word about the site.  Then I started getting products in the mail from pet companies to review.  So I started holding giveaway contests.  After a few local businesses asked to advertise, the site exploded.  I made it my mission to learn everything and anything about the pet industry, blogs, and social media.  I started getting invited to trade shows and asked to speak at conferences, and became heavily active in the animal welfare/pet community.  I wished (like a lot of bloggers) that I could blog full-time, but it just wasn’t a reality for me.  I made some money on local advertising, but not enough to support myself.  I honestly don’t know how I managed to do all this while still working full-time as an attorney.  It was some serious hustle.
About a year ago, I was looking through LinkedIn and I saw that one of my pet industry contacts was connected to a guy (Brock Weatherup) who was the CEO of a local pet industry company that I had somehow never heard of – Pet360.  It turned out that they were the parent company of two sites that I knew – and  I asked to be introduced, and emailed Brock asking if I could take him to lunch/coffee – just to pick his brain on how to get into the pet industry.
He declined my offer, and instead told me that he wanted me to talk to his HR manager.  Pet360 was right in the middle of launching their new site,, and they were going to have a community component to the website.  They were considering creating a community manager position.  Long story short, they called me in and hired me.
I’ve never been a community manager before (I’ve been a moderator on several forums and sites) so it’s been quite the learning process.  But it’s amazing how much cross-over there really is from having been a trial attorney (and defending often-difficult clients) to managing a community – from dealing with different personalities, advocating on their behalf,  to making strategic decisions on how best to grow.  Having been active in animal welfare has really helped me best represent the interests of our members by predicting what will be popular content and what will be offensive to them.  While I may be the community manager, I’ve been through what many of our members have in being new pet parents.  I know how important their pets are to them – they truly are part of the family.  So that helps me really relate to our community.
Our community is still in its infancy, and I’ve got a TON of work ahead of me (with many exciting changes are on the road-map) but it’s been websites like that have really helped me out.
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Rebecca Braglio

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Rebecca Braglio is the Community Engagement Manager for . Although she went to law school, her true love was always pets – especially dogs.   Upon graduating from Villanova School of Law, she began a 12 year career in criminal defense in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. After becoming the proud parent of a Yorkshire Terrier named Dash, she created her own website called, “The Philly Dog” to showcase pet-friendly Philadelphia and to have an outlet to discuss Dash’s struggles with severe separation anxiety. Once she began blogging, she never looked back. She has been featured in the 2013 State of Community Management by The Community Roundtable, on, The Well Kept Wallet Podcast, and on  She was also a featured speaker at Blogpaws Salt Lake City 2012 and a panelist at Barkworld 2012.Upon graduating from Villanova School of Law, she began a 12 year career in criminal defense in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.She began blogging in 2009 on and never looked back.She has been featured as the Blogger of the Week by and was published in, in the FIDO Friendly Blog, and by Hyperlink, Inc. in “Beyond the Blog – The Best of ThePhillyDog – Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats” has been recognized as a Top 20 Dog Sites of 2009 by and as one of the Top 25 Dog Bloggers of 2012 by Bel-Rea Tech.She also a top 100 winner in the “Savvy in Social Media” category in building rapport and relationships in the community from Start-Up Nation.She was also a featured speaker at Blogpaws Salt Lake City 2012 and a panelist at Barkworld 2012.

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