Is Your Bartender the Perfect Community Manager?

November 10, 2011 — by Michael Hahn0



Is Your Bartender the Perfect Community Manager?

November 10, 2011 — by Michael Hahn0


What is the Perfect Online Community?

Is there such a thing as the perfect community? What would be the definition of a perfect community? Does the perfect community have exist? Does the perfect community have trolls?  Do you need to manage or maintain the perfect community?  These are all interesting questions to think about. Everyone has their own definition of the perfect community.

My definition of the perfect community is one that must have balance. It must be engaging and provide a form of entertainment as well as information to everyone. The perfect community will have some problems to deal with from time to time.  The perfect community has a wide array of users who become regulars. They share in common interests as well as providing help to others. These registered regulars are your community citizens who all have different personalities. The more I think about it, I begin to think of the TV Show “Cheers”. The community manager would be the bartender (Woody, Sam or Coach). The TV Show “Cheers” had all different types of characters with their own lives. They discussed issues and conversed among themselves at the bar.  The issues, in the end, all got straightened out.  That is how I think a perfect community should be. Problems will arise, Problems will be dealt with, people move forward, thus remain friends all while garnering respect for one another.

The perfect online community is the perception of the community itself. How is it perceived to the rest of the world. If the community is thriving and members are happy then they are a step closer to being part of the perfect community.

What is your definition of your perfect online community?

Michael Hahn

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  • JessicaRMurray

    I bartended for 6 years in Boston & Chicago. Only natural my career progressed into community management. 🙂

    • @JessicaRMurray I’ve always said retail was great experience to become a community manager, but I think @mbhahn nailed it with the bartender comparison!

    • mbhahn

      As I was writing the article I thought of Cheers. i worked at a few restaurants as a chef.. Whether you worked in the front or back you always heard the feedback of what the customer wants, likes, and how to make something better There was also always regulars that showed up daily or specific days like cheers. And with communities you have the same type of people.

      I transitioned well to online community management too because of my thick skins, cust serv attitude and passion for working with people..

      • larboz

        @mbhahn Mike, I think thats what makes for a good community manager. You listen to people, celebrate the good things, sympathize with the bad things, and try to leave everyone to talk to themselves in between.

        • mbhahn

          @larboz im glad you liked the article. i worked hard on it and tim was gracious to host it for me so it will get read

  • SarahMMahoney

    My perfect community is the dog park. Everyone contributes by bringing a pet, making conversation with other pet owners and picking up after their pet. If you don’t do those things, you’re either creepy or rude AND no one wants to be either…

  • Awesome.You had a great thoughts about perfect community.Hope that it’s still exist.Thank you for lading down your thoughts with us.Keep the good work up!

    • mbhahn

      Thank you and I try 🙂 @Joanna Wilson

  • Charlotte74

    I like the analogy of a bartender as the community manager. Nice.