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#NoKidHungry 30-Day UNChallenge

June 30, 2013 — by Tim McDonald0


BlogCommunity Manager UNconference

#NoKidHungry 30-Day UNChallenge

June 30, 2013 — by Tim McDonald0

#NoKidHungry UNChallenge

The following is a guest post by Cathy McPhillips and the start of our UNChallenge for No Kid Hungry. 

Though it sounds like I missed an absolutely amazing Community Manager UNConference, and missed a chance to speak about my favorite non-profit, Share Our Strength and their No Kid Hungry campaign, I’m so excited to join in post-#cmgrUN and meet the newest advocates working to help end childhood hunger.

I recently spoke at Share Our Strength’s Conference of Leaders about Social Media  – how to jump in and use social media for social good, how to engage, interact, and activate your network. I talked about how social engagement and analytics sometimes get a bad rap and we get called “slacktivists” because we’re seemingly not doing anything other than clicking “Like,” “Share” and RT.

We do so much more than that! Every Share and every RT brings the issue at hand to a new face, raising awareness and potentially finding the next biggest cheerleader and supporter of your cause. Every Like and comment brings you closer and more engaged to the brand, company, non-profit with which you interact. As numbers increase, awareness increases. As awareness increases, advocacy and action happens. It’s all connected, and it’s all important.

From past experience, and in tweeting with Jonathan Brewer, Tim McDonald and Nicole Rohr, we know that sometimes the hardest part of growing a captivated, passionate group, is simply sustaining it. Not for lack of interest, but life happens. I wanted to make it easy for you to stay involved with No Kid Hungry, today, for 30 days, and beyond.

THANK YOU – on behalf of the 1 in 5 children who don’t know where they will get their next meal.  I look forward to becoming more digitally connected to the #cmgrUN group in the next 30 days and beyond. Find me at @cmcphillips. Tweet me along the way with any questions or ideas!

How can you help? From 30 seconds to 30 minutes, here are 30 ways you can make a difference in the life of a hungry child today.

  1. Take the No Kid Hungry pledge

  2. Join the Hunger Core, No Kid Hungry’s monthly giving club

  3. Find out how your local school serves breakfast

  4. Invite a friend to take the No Kid Hungry pledge

  5. Like the No Kid Hungry Facebook page

  6. Follow No Kid Hungry on twitter

  7. Share a photo from our Team No Kid Hungry Facebook album

  8. Connect with Billy Shore, the Founder and CEO of Share Our Strength

  9. Become a No Kid Hungry blogger

  10. Invite your favorite restaurant to the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry

  11. Follow the #nokidhungry conversation on twitter

  12. RT something from @nokidhungry that inspires you

  13. Call/tweet/text/write Congress

  14. Write a letter to your newspaper editor about protecting SNAP and school breakfast programs

  15. Learn more about SNAP (Food Stamps) in your state, and why it is critical to No Kid Hungry

  16. Watch A Place at the Table, a documentary about the state of hunger in the US., featuring Billy Shore & Jeff Bridges

  17. Read “An Invisible Thread,” a story of one woman’s friendship with an 11-year old homeless boy.

  18. Find out if an Arby’s close to you is bringing their Hungry for Happiness tour to your town this summer

  19. Check out the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry restaurant list on twitter – visit one and thank them for supporting the Dine Out!

  20. Do you have a story? Share it with us.

  21. Commit to creating a personal fundraiser in the next 12 months

  22. Save the date – December 3 – to be part of Giving Tuesday with No Kid Hungry

  23. Download the Team No Kid Hungry app to easily support No Kid Hungry (how quickly can you climb the leaderboard?)

  24. Download the Cooking Matters app for healthy recipes on a budget

  25. Visit the No Kid Hungry Action Center and take action in your community

  26. View the State of Hunger in your area

  27. See if any Share Our Strength culinary events are coming to your area

  28. Take a few minutes to read about our incredible partners. Thank one today!

  29. Do you know a teen or young adult who you’d like to see involved with No Kid Hungry? Introduce them to No Kid Hungry 2 for our youth advocates.

  30. Share this blog post so others can do the same!


Now, how can I help you?


By Cathy McPhillips
Builder of Social Good, BTC Revolutions
Member, No Kid Hungry Social Council


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