Transparency, Coaching And An Americano

May 13, 2013 — by Tim McDonald4



Transparency, Coaching And An Americano

May 13, 2013 — by Tim McDonald4


Have you ever done something for the first time after years of wondering what it would be like? For me, at age 45, I hired a coach for the first time. Coach Jennie. Wonder why, after all these years, I decided to work with a coach? Regardless of where we all are, there is always a place to still go. Have you ever heard, “You can never see the full picture when you are inside the frame?” By working with someone who helps you see the full picture, the path which you still need to journey, becomes clear.

Normally, coaching sessions are private and confidential. Normal has never been my style. We modified the coaching contract and agreed to record and broadcast the coaching sessions using Google Plus Hangouts. This is where transparency comes in. Transparency is not PR, it’s not marketing and it’s certainly not about baring all. Transparency is being honest, being open and being accountable.

You’ve heard about the transparency and the coaching, but why does the title of the post say Americano? We hangout at 9:30am EST which means I’ll be having an Americano during the coaching session. You’re free to stick with regular coffee, tea or even juice, but please join us and see what a coaching session looks like. At least this coaching session. Here’s our agenda:

What’s new with you? Is there anything I should know about?

I verbally agreed to a paid speaking opportunity and started looking at doing a TEDx Talk after 5 people in 48 hours told me my story sounded like a TED talk.

What challenges or frustrations are you currently facing?

Self confidence.

What progress have you made on your commitments since our last session? 

Negotiated speaking opportunity, but haven’t finished the talk outline.

Experience any “Aha” moments since we last spoke?

Hearing “that sounds like a TED talk” for the 4th time. The first couple, I dismissed, then it sunk in.

What outcomes would you like to walk away with from this session?

Stop talking. Start doing.

What question(s) are you hoping I won’t ask you? 

This question. 😉

Have you worked with a coach? What’s been your experience?

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