Your Effort = Less Customer Effort = Magical Customer Experience

January 13, 2013 — by Tim McDonald3

Magical Customer Experience Hangout

When it comes to a magical customer experience, there is no magic to it. As Jeannie Walters explained, customer experience is being proactive, where customer service is being reactive. Some of the highlights that came from this discussion with Cater Gibson of UserVoice, Ally Greer of, Colleen Young of Canadian Virtual Hospice, Mila Gates of The Integer Group, Krysta Gahagen of MotionLoft, David DeWald of TechWell, Terez Baskin of Dbabetta, Debbie Horovitch of Sparkle & Shine and our guest, Jeannie Walters of 360Connext, were:

  • Silent Negativity

For every person you hear from, there are probably 9 others feeling the same way that will never say anything. You may lose their business and never know it. Jeannie believes this number is actually very low.

  • Walk In Your Customers Footsteps

One of the most common problems is having an objective point of view. As a store owner, when’s the last time you walked in the front door like your customers do? The same can be said for how you like at visitors to you site or people calling on the phone. It’s difficult to be objective when it’s your business.

  • Rewarding Your Customers

Companies with community managers are already rewarding their customers, as part of the community manager’s job is to listen to the customers and be proactive to what they want.

  • Take The Extra Effort

It doesn’t take , but it does take effort. Providing the correct link can be the difference between a magical customer experience and a lost customer.

Want more details of the conversation? View the full discussion on YouTube or watch below.

Here’s a slideshow featuring some of the people who participated in the Twitter chat:

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  • Thanks, Tim! I love the customer focus of community managers. It’ll be fascinating to see how these two focuses continue to evolve.

    • @jeanniecw I will be very interesting to see Jeannie. I know we talk a little about it, but where do you see the customer experience budget coming from? Marketing? Sales? IT?

      • R@tamcdonald THAT is the million dollar question, Tim. The best companies have both cultures that support customer experience and leadership that is dedicated to it. I work with some people who have customer experience in their titles (Chief Customer Officer, Director of Customer Insights) as well as those who don’t (HR, IT, Marketing). Most funnel up either to Marketing or IT, but there are some who have C-level executives who are responsible for customer experience. My theory is more and more companies will adopt this model to stay ahead.